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Remembering Karpal Singh
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KAMPAR: Bukit Gelugor MP and DAP leader Karpal Singh died in an accident near Gua Tempurung near here early Thursday 17-4-2014..

In Karpal, slain Beng Hock's kin saw a beacon of hope.
Teoh Lee Lan, younger sister to Beng Hock found dead under suspicious circumstances while in the custody of anti-corruption officials, related how her family had run into the indefatigable lawyer at the Court of Appeal in Putrajaya just a day before his death and how he had helped lift their flagging spirit.
“He told us we have a good chance to win the case, to get the police to reopen the investigation and to nab the culprits behind my brother’s death,” she told reporters.
The Teohs have spent the last four years seeking a revision of the open verdict made at the inquest into 31-year-old Beng Hock’s death.